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Write your Own Paycheck !
Great Opportunity for Aggressive Marketing Partner
Since 1980 Pay Systems has provided payroll and human resource solutions for employers across America. With our national expansion, we are seeking independent, self-motivated individuals to market our web based product line of payroll and HR solutions with protected territories across the 50 states.
Approximately 6 million employers prepare payroll checks and make tax deposits every payday. This is a time consuming, repetitive, error prone task that erodes precious time from the primary task of running and growing a profitable business.
With such a tremendous market potential in virtually every corner of the country, we are offering a unique self-employment opportunity for the right individuals. A Marketing Partner generates current income from new sales plus residuals while building a retirement nest egg. Your business (yes, the right person will immediately view it as 'their business') will require a full-time commitment, a small investment in initial marketing efforts and enough cash flow to meet living expenses while you get your business off the ground.
This is not a franchise. No franchise fee, no facilities or equipment investment, no staffing costs. You will build your future through your own hard work and your desire to achieve success.
If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please fill out the following contact information below and click the submit button.
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