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      The New Look of Payroll

    Eliminate Payroll Checks

    The PaySystems.Net/TFG Visa Payroll Card allows employees without a bank account to participate in your current direct deposit system. Employees can withdraw cash from ATMs, make purchases or opt for cash back at millions of merchant locations, and completely eliminate payroll check cashing fees.

    If you think this is your run-of-the-mill
payroll card, think again!
        Top 5 reasons to Implement our Pay Cards.
        1. No Costs or fees for set-up, cards and free funds withdrawal from a bank.
        2. Increase direct deposit participation.
        3. Eliminate lost checks/stop payment fees.
        4. Eliminate check fraud exposure.
        5. Go green - and reduce your carbon footprint.
      Contact us today for more information.
      Call (248)552-8340
      or email customerservice@paysystems.net.

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