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Pay Systems takes all reasonable care to maintain the confidentiality of all data that our clients provide to us in the course of utilizing our payroll related services. We also take all reasonable care to avoid the unauthorized access and loss of our client‘s data. This Privacy Statement may be modified from time to time without notice at the discretion of Pay Systems.
Pay Systems may use the information collected on our websites for the purposes of tracking website usage and enhancing or expanding our services for our clients. We may also use the information collected to contact you regarding services offered by Pay Systems or one of our affiliates. Pay Systems only provides your information to third parties as directed by you to fulfill our contractual obligations to you. We do not sell or otherwise provide your information to any third parties unless requested by you or unless legally required by order of a court of proper jurisdiction.
Pay Systems cannot control and, therefore, cannot accept responsibility for the privacy, security or data usage policies of any websites that you may link to from our websites.
While on our websites we may provide your browser with data that is referred to as a cookie. Cookies are provided to enhance your ability to use our websites in a number of ways, i.e. by retaining your display preferences, reducing messages, etc.

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