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The Painless Way to Pay
Workers’ Compensation Premiums
Pay Systems has partnered with E-Comp™, a highly rated, full-service national Workers’ Compensation provider to bring our customers a cost saving Pay-As-You-Go premium plan. With this program, you can have your company’s premium calculated and automatically paid each pay period.
Plus, this program provides your company with a host of benefits:
  • Eliminates upfront premium deposits.
  • Premiums are calculated on actual payroll, not estimated - minimizes over and under estimated payments.
  • No checks to write; premium is automatically paid from your bank with three day advanced notice.
  • Eliminates late payments and reduces the risk of policy cancellations.
  • Reporting - You receive a Pay-As-You-Go Premium report.
  • Very Competitive rates.
  • Minimizes surprise audit adjustments payments.
Plus, you get the benefit of Knowledgable Workers’ Compensation Professionals.
  • With 25 years of Workers’ Compensation Expertise.
  • Guaranteed 24 hour turn around on Certificates.
  • Local 24 hour claims service and support centers.
And, if you like, you can often continue your current policy and still take advantage of the Pay-As-You-Go E-Comp™ program through Pay Systems.
For more information regarding our Pay-As-You-Go program, contact our Marketing Department at (248) 552-8340.

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