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PaySystems.Net ceased all payroll service operations. We can no longer provide free website access to your reports that were previously on our website.   

However, if your company paid for our Yearly Archive Service, your company's reports for the years 2014 - 2019 can be converted to UBS flash drive format and can be provided to you for a onetime fee. 

How to Request Your UBS Flash Drive with Your Reports for Years of 2014 - 2019. 

First, only the individual that signed the Payroll Services Agreement with PaySystems.Net or another duly authorized person is eligible to receive the confidential information contained on the USB flash drive.

For instructions on how to order a USB flash drive, email your request to Anchor Records Management, LLC at

Include your company's name, Federal Empoyer Identification Number, your email address, your first and last name, position within the company, the last six digits of your social security number and your home address and phone number.

Upon our verification of the information you provide Anchor Records Management, LLC will send you an ARCHIVED PAYROLL REPORTS ORDER FORM FOR PAYSYSTEMS.NET CUSTOMERS document to be completed, and costs information for the six years of archive reports on the USB flash drive. Upon receipt and verification of your order form and payment, Anchor Records Management, LLC will prepare and deliver the USB flash drive to you, normally within 7 - 10 business days.

Please note that shipping may be delayed due to COVID-19 and subsequent emergency lockdowns.

For additional questions, please email Anchor Records Management, LLC at